Authenticity: Is it the Way for Influencers to Create Longevity beyond 2023?
In 2023, authenticity matters. Trust level matters. What the people are actively looking for matters.

Do you know how many of the world’s consumers are socially conscious and committed to making purchases based on their beliefs? The short answer is: A LOT.

  • In 2018 the PR firm Edelman reported that two-thirds of consumers worldwide made purchasing decisions based on “beliefs”.
  • In 2020 a article’s headline read: Fashion and beauty brands are studying influencers’ social consciousness sincerity before choosing partners.
  • In a 2023 article in Business Wire (a Berkshire Hathaway Company), we were reminded yet again that “consumers want authenticity from the influencers they follow, gravitating toward those that create relatable, original content or provide credible expertise.”    
  • And also in 2023, this article reported that the desire for shoppers to spend their hard-earned money on brands that align organically with their own values was a whopping 82%.

At least EIGHTY TWO PERCENT of shoppers want a brand’s values to align with their own? Yeah, you read that right, consumers want a little harmony between what they believe in and what their favorite brands stand for. But it doesn’t stop there. This desire for alignment extends to influencers as well. It’s not just about the products they promote; it’s about the values they uphold. And the proof is in the staying power of likes and follows.       

Consumers are on the hunt for authenticity when it comes to the influencers they follow. They’re not falling for smoke and mirrors anymore; they want the real deal. They’re drawn to influencers who create content relating to their values AND  choose their product promotions wisely AND can actually back up what they’re saying. Credibility is the name of the game, friends.  

In addition to shopping according to values and beliefs, also reported that shoppers are feeling “frustration regarding beauty product overload”. Yikes. Product overload sounds like another recipe for losing followers (and, by default, losing money). No one wants to be bombarded with constant “I use this and I love it” over and over and over until it’s obvious the influencer does zero screening and is 100% just wanting to take your money.

And can you blame them? Who wants to see a never-ending stream of pressure until it feels like you’re trapped in a never-ending infomercial? It’s like those mail flyers you get – you know, the ones that just scream “BUY, BUY, BUY!” and are so saturated and annoying they end up in the recycle bin faster than you can say “unsubscribe.” 

No one should want to be that creator.

How can influencers avoid being tossed into the category of junk mail or bad elevator music people can’t wait to unsubscribe from?

Authenticity, baby.

Authenticity means actually being what you claim to be. It's about being trustworthy and in line with the facts. In a world saturated with redundant influencer marketing, this is the answer.

With all of this credible information on influencer marketing and what the people want and don’t want, at best it seems silly, and at worst it seems counterproductive, to promote every product or service that comes along. And add the fact that consumers want credible expertise AND aligned values, creators who want longevity need to be looking for that sweet spot where both of those meet.

So where’s that sweet spot? Is there a space where conscious creators and brands can connect authentically? Absolutely, that’s our mission. Linked Organically, Loved Authentically is literally our tagline at iLOLA.

n the world of influencers, it’s not just about selling stuff; it’s about selling being yourself – your genuine, authentic self– and attracting organic connections that last. Because in the end, authenticity is what sets you apart from the noise and keeps those followers coming back for more. Authenticity is the why, partnering with is the how.



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